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A memory jogger and a very strong coffee




Hi all,

Like a butterfly I’m emerging from a cocoon. Unlike a butterfly I didn’t cocoon instinctively it just sort of happened!

A wonderful holiday – then something left field, followed by Tax time (and it is taxing on my brain sometimes) then the coming of the Great Snot – there’s a story in that … I was poleaxed. I’m not often ill and rarely badly affected when I am – maybe it’s my age and I get it big and bad now.

This brings me to the point of this post. I’m putting myself back into the driving seat and reminding myself of the reason for my Virtual Coffee series of interviews. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted and there are authors out there who are wondering if I’ve forgotten them. I haven’t. I’m pinning myself down on this one – there will be a new Virtual coffee interview next week. There now I’ve said it – it’s in print so I must hold myself accountable and produce the work.

I think another reason for posting the front cover of my e-book apart from the obvious Shameless Plug – the marketing arm of Find Publishing Pty Ltd. is to remind myself that I am able to set goals work steadily towards them and achieve a good result. This is something I have to draw very heavily on when working on my children’s novels. Why don’t the publishers want them? I just haven’t found the right publisher yet. If only NSW School magazine published children’s novels – the editorial team there totally get where I’m coming from and have published several of my children’s short stories and poems. So … if I can do it there I can and will do it somewhere else. I’m not a terribly patient person and maybe this is the lesson I’m being taught in this part of my journey asĀ  writer. I have to have some sort of take-away other wise what’s the point?

I’m never too sick to read.