Emily the Emotional Onion

Emily the Emotional Onion

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted – the Cairns Tropical Writers Festival http://www.cairnstropicalwritersfestival.com has been keeping me very busy. However those wonderful folks at The School Magazine http://www.theschoolmagazine.com.au have published Emily the Emotional Onion in Countdown. So as it’s official now I thought I’d share it with you.

Read on and enjoy…


Emily cried. She cried all the time and no matter how hard her friends tried they could never find out why.
“Tell us please, Emily. Tell us why you cry. If we knew what made you cry maybe we could do something to help,” said Veronica the pumpkin.
“I can’t tell you, it’s just the way I am.”
“But when you cry,” said Angela the carrot, “it makes us think we’ve done something to upset you.”
“Oh! You don’t upset me – I just feel like crying a lot of the time, well most of the time. Okay – all of the time. I can’t seem to stop.”
“I’ve met other onions,” squeaked Ursula the pea, “and none of them cry like you. They did cry, but not all of the time. It makes it very hard to have any fun with you because you’re always crying and then that makes us want to run away. Then we think that makes us look mean so we come back, but you’re still crying.”
“Yes that’s the problem,” agreed Pia the tomato, “we’re getting sick of being with you!”
Emily howled.
“Oh Pia!” chorused the other vegetables.
“Well it’s true. It’s something we’ve all been thinking but never said.”
“She’s right,” sobbed Emily. “I go around making everyone miserable. I don’t know why you lot have bothered to stay my friends for so long. I mean look at me. I’m round, fat in the middle and all I have to wear is this tatty brown dress. I’m a mess. When I look at you, Pia, in your gorgeous red dress with that green tiara and Angela in your beautiful orange, floor length gown I feel so ugly. I’m the wrong shape too!”

“Excuse me,” huffed Veronica, “I’m the same shape as you, so are Ursula and Pia. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being round.”
“But Veronica …”
“I love my shape.”
“And if I was any other shape,” said Pia, “I wouldn’t be a tomato, Ursula wouldn’t be a pea and Veronica wouldn’t be a pumpkin. You need to be round – you’re an onion. If you were the same shape as Angela you wouldn’t be an onion anymore.”
“Maybe I don’t want to be an onion!”
“What do you mean,” gasped Veronica. “How can you say that?”
“I just think if I was something else I wouldn’t be so sad and emotional all of the time. Maybe if my dress was dark green and shiny like yours Veronica I might feel better; or if I was small like Ursula.”
“Emily I know I’m small, but I’m round too – just like you.”
“Yes but you have such a beautiful bright green dress.”
“Oh, Emily, you are a funny onion. You’re crying all the time because you want a new dress,” said Ursula.
“Yes, I want a new dress. I’d feel much better if I didn’t have to wear this tatty thing.”

 “You don’t have to keep wearing that old brown dress – why do you think it’s peeling off?
“I don’t know Ursula. All I know is, it’s getting worse each day and I don’t know what to do.”
“Emily you funny old thing, you’re an onion, you get a new dress every few weeks.”
“Where from?”
“You’re wearing it – silly – underneath the old one. That’s what is so special about onions. Once one dress gets old and tatty it peels off and underneath there is a beautiful new dress,” explained Veronica gently.
“Really!” sniffed Emily, drying her tears. “Show me.”
“Okay girls – help me peel,” said Angela. The vegetables went to work on Emily.
“There now, Emily – you’ve got your new dress.”
Emily looked down at her round shape in its beautiful new, pale yellow, silky dress and burst into tears.


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A very busy writer who sometimes remembers she is also a wife, mother, daughter sister and friend.A member of Tropical Writers Inc.. Also have worked on three writers festivals 2008, 2010 and the upcoming one in 2012. The festivals are hosted by Tropical Writers Group with huge support and input from the regional writing community.

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