Where have I been?


An update on my activities.

Check out my kids stories page. I’ve recently had a number of my stories accepted for publication by

NSW Department of Education and Training for their schools magazines – it’s very exciting actually seeing yourself in print especially as some of the stories have been so beautifully illustrated – it’s as if the artist was inside my head capturing the images – scary!

Another new project for the year is working with a number of local writers forming a small circle of support. We all write for children and it will be good to meet, chat, have a coffee, share experiences, opportunities, have help and critique on our manuscripts.


I’ve been very busy – unfortunately not all of it is writing related – life gets in the way sometimes. I’m the treasurer with Tropical Writers but this role is coming to an end this year, 5 years is a long time! I’m looking forward to being able to concentrate on my writing. I have a children’s novel which I need to redraft and polish before sending off to publishers.

2012 is The National Year Of Reading and I’m hoping I can help some of the local primary schools in their celebrations by offering creative writing workshops. I find it challenging and a great deal of fun to work with kids, their imaginations inspire me in my work too.

Last year Tropical Writers released their fifth anthology of prose and poetry – Category 5, so I spent some time over the early part of the year writing for that publication.

Finally I’m waiting with baited breath to find out if NSW Dept of Education and Training have accepted any more of my children’s short stories for publication. I’m hoping I can add them to my blog soon.

About findpublishing

A very busy writer who sometimes remembers she is also a wife, mother, daughter sister and friend.A member of Tropical Writers Inc.. Also have worked on three writers festivals 2008, 2010 and the upcoming one in 2012. The festivals are hosted by Tropical Writers Group with huge support and input from the regional writing community.

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