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A bit more about me


Hi – my involvement with Tropical Writers started in 2006. Arriving in the group felt like I’d come home, so I wrote a poem. The person running the group at that time described Tropical Writers as a”Loose Group” so I wrote a poem.

Coming home.    

Coming home …


A past life.

The train slows, crosses the bridge,

over the river,

pulls into the station.

A physical sense of home –

feeling safe, connected and cold.

familiar faces.

no surprises

enveloped in nostalgia

remembering with my eyes tight shut.


Coming home …


A new life.

Stepping out to the heat and the humidity

an electronic door  swish,

a thunderous rainfall,

misted green hills surround.

Everything new.

Excitement and apprehension.

YES! We shout

seeing with our eyes wide open.


Coming home …

As myself.

My “I am” life.

Do I belong to this group?

with arms and hearts wide open.

Warm smiles say

come in, sit down.

Am I a writer?

Am I a fraud?

Do I have the right to be Me?

YES! They say

join us …

Welcome home.


Loose Group

Loose group,

She said.


Loose women,

Loose men.


Goose loup.

Let them loose,

And then …

What will they loose

on us?

That loose group!


Both these poems were published in Tropical Writers first anthology – Between the leaves – 2006. This self-published anthology was an exercise in staying cohesive as a group whilst learning the art of self-publishing.  We did it and stayed friends and have gone on to produce another three anthologies – Mangoes on fire – 2007, Raining on the sun – 2008 and Cracks in the canopy – 2010. The latest anthology will be launched this year probably November.

Tropical Writers hosted its inaugural Writers Festival in 2008. It was put together with much energy, enthusiasm and a lot of ignorance –  it was a rip roaring success! I was part of the very small but dynamic team that put it together. Emboldened we marched forward to do it again in 2010 – I was events coordinator that time. That didn’t mean I knew what I was doing – I took my lead from the regional writing community who are very vocal. They told me what they wanted and I did my best to source the talent. Our next festival will be in 2012 and I’m on the team again.

Tropical Writers have also been successful this year in gaining funding to host a Writers Retreat – that has never been done in Cairns before. We have also developed partnerships with The Get reading Program and as part of Cairns Festival – 2011 will be hosting David Hill as he launches his latest book Gold. About the gold rush years in Australia. Last year the group hosted James Phelan – known for his fast action thrillers in the Lachlan Fox series.

So we are  busy group. At our monthly meetings we host local writers who generously share their knowledge and expertise – whether it be in short story, poetry or novel writing.

My involvement in this group has increased my knowledge, confidence and ability as a writer – this blog being a testimony to that. I’m now hooked on blogging.

The Duck With No Quack

The Duck With No Quack

This is the front cover of my first foray into the world of self-publishing. It is a ‘read and create’ book designed for children in the 3-5 age group. The story focusses on Mama Duck’s search for her duckling’s quack. Oswald doesn’t seem to be able to quack. As the story unfolds Mama Duck introduces her family to all of the other farm animals. The black and white illustrations have been deliberately left unfinished to allow the child to explore their creativity in completeing them. This makes the finished book unique to that child. Anyone wishing to buy a copy of the book or learn about self-publishing can contact me on


getting the hang of it now


just in case I forget who I am!Hello all you lovely people out there. Welcome to my blog. This has happened accidentally because I really don’t know what I’m doing. It all seems to happen by magic. The next thing I have to work out how to do is post some more images – that’s if I’m allowed to do that.

Obviously I’ve now worked out how to do it – yeah!